Put-In-Bay (3W2)

South Bass Island, Lake Erie, USA

Put-in-Bay is a a popular summer resort village located on South Bass Island. Ferry and Airline services connect the community with Catawba Island, Kellys Island, Port Clinton and Sandusky Ohio. This product includes the scenic island of South Bass, Green Island, Starve Island and Put-In-Bay Airport (3W2). Put-in-Bay airport is open year round for arrivals and departures from dawn to dusk.

Runways at 3W2 are modern and paved but not lighted. So, there are no departures after dusk. Be sure to remain at least 1000 feet from Perry's monument located 1.5 miles northeast of the field,

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South Bass Island Before XpressSIm (North End)
XpressSim South Bass Island (North End)
South Bass Island (South End)
3W2 Approach From South
Put-In-Bay (fall)
3W2 Custom Markings