Florence Airport Region LIRQ

Peretola, Tuscany Italy

Florence Airport, Peretola ( LIRQ) is the international airport of Florence, the capital of the Italian region of Tuscany. It is the second-busiest Tuscan airport. Florence Airport is small, with a single runway, and the main taxiway is situated at the end of Runway 5, with an overshoot/holding area at the end of Runway 23. As is common at smaller airports, after landing, planes turn around at the end of the runway, then taxi back down to reach the parking area and terminal. Because of the close proximity of Monte Morello, planes normally take off from Runway 23, thus forcing aircraft to taxi down the runway again to depart. Lots of extended scenery around airport !

Note: Due to complex taxiway paths in main terminal area, progressive taxi may not work perfectly.

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Osmannoro City-South Of Airport
LIRQ Airport 1
LIRQ Airport 2
LIRQ Airport 3
LIRQ Landing
Extended Scenery Around LIRQ